BA Islamic Religious Studies (BA IRS)

The Bachelor's degree Islamic-Religious Studies constitutes an offer related to Islam with the characteristics of a theological basic study program (1-subject-BA, 6 semesters). It qualifies for existing as well as new areas of work and prepares for a subsequent research-based Master's degree.
The BA IRS regards normative, analytical, methodological, discursive and practically relevant approaches to Islam. It places the necessary basis for it in the Arabic literary language as reference of Islamic source texts. In reference to Islam as a religious interpretation system it incorporates systematic, practical, ethical and philosophical aspects.
The BA IRS initiates specific operational competence and personal commitment in special religious-related areas, for instance spiritual counselling, ritual practice, community affairs, youth work and pedagogical management (instrumental, generic and communicative competences). Besides the obligatory basics the elective subjects allow for choosing a personal focus.

Commencement of studies is only possible in the Winter Semester.