The Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds a junior research group in religious studies working on "Islamic contemporary cultures" at the University Bayreuth. It is a partner in cooperation and exchange for the new research groups at the Department Islamic Religious Studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (DIRS). The junior research group has taken up work with Dr. Robert Langer as supervisor in April 2014.

The junior research group "Islamic contemporary cultures" ath the University Bayreuth works on:

Shiites and shiite religiosity in Germany

The junior research groups task is to address the phenomenon of shiite religiosity in Germany which is yet hardly explored. Methodologically it builds on research about marginalised religious groups of islamic tradition in a transnational context. Based on a survey involving shiite actors, organisations and 'ritual communities' the research group shall study up to what extent and specifics shiite discourses and practices in Germany can be shown. The focus especially lies on their internal diversity on the one hand and on their incorporation in transnational networks between other european diaspora communities as well as countries of origin on the other hand. Furthermore particular relevance is given to the question which role "Shiism" and shiite identity designs play in the 'overall islamic' german area as well as within the framework of governmental institutionalisation of 'Islam' in Germany.


Dr. Robert Langer

Benjamin Weineck, M.A.